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Bucket Elevator

Bucket Elevator

This bucket elevator is suitable for elevating powdery, granulate and small-sized non-corrosive materials such as coal, cement, stone, sand, clay and ore. Since the hauling device of the bucket elevator is circuit chain, it is allowed to elevate the materials with relatively high temperatu...
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Introduction Of Bucket Elevator

Bucket elevator is suitable for elevating the materials from a lower height to a higher height. After the supplied materials are sent into the material hopper through the vibrating table, the machine will automatically and continuously move up to convey materials. According to the conveyance amount, the conveyance speed can be adjusted and the elevating height can be chosen according to the specific needs of the customers.

Elevator bucket is suitable for elevating such materials as food, medicine, chemical industrial products, screws and nuts; and through the signal identification system on the packaging machine, the machine can be automatically started or stopped.

Bucket Elevator

Features Of Bucket Type Lifter

1. Bucket type lifter has small drive power, adopts flow type feeding, and the feeder, induction discharge, and hopper with large capacity are intensively arranged to enhance the material back and dig the material, with less reactive power.

2. Wide range of upgrade, such hoist on the types of materials, less performance requirements, not only can improve the general powdery, granular materials, but also enhance the larger abrasive materials, with sealing and less environmental pollution.

3. Good operational reliability, advanced design principles and processing methods to ensure the reliability of the machine operation, no down time more than 20,000 hours, with high lifting height and smooth hoist operation, so you can upgrade to a higher level.

4. Feeding long life, take the elevator inflow style, without using excavating bucket, squeeze and collision occurs between materials. The machine was designed to ensure that the few scattered in the feed material, unloading, reducing mechanical wear.

Principle Of Plate Chain Bucket Elevator

The materials are scooped up by the hopper and brought to the top by conveyor belt or conveyor chain, and then the materials will roll down after bypassing the top wheel, and the bucket elevator will pour the materials to the receiving chute.

Specification Max.lifting height
Conveying capacity
Pitch of buckets
Motor power
160 type 28 3-8 500 3-7.5
200 type 31.5 6-15 500 3-7.5
250 type 30.16 10-25 500 4-11
300 type 30.16 25-35 500 5.5-15
350 type 31 19-40 600 7.5-18.5
400 type 32 35-50 600 7.5-22
450 type 32.7 42-60 600 7.5-22


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