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Electromagnetic Vibrating Feeder

Electromagnetic Vibrating Feeder

Electromagnetic vibrating feeder is used for evenly and quantitatively feeding the materials from the storage bin or other storage machines to the material receiving equipment and it is the indispensable equipment to realize the automation of the line production.
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Introduction Of Electromagnetic Vibrating Feeder

Electromagnetic vibrating feeder is an advanced feeder device which is suitable for continuous production and this machine can quantitatively, evenly and continuously send the bulk and granulator materials from the material storage cabin to the material receiving device in the production process.

This machine is suitable for continuous production and has been widely used in such industrial departments as cement, mining, metallurgy, coal yard, chemistry, infrastructure construction, wharf, pharmacy, tea processing and ceramics industry.

Electromagnetic Vibrating Feeder

Features Of Electromagnetic Vibrating Feeder

1. The electrical control of electromagnetic vibrating feeder uses half-wave rectifying circuit, can adjust the quantification and can be used in the production process of automatic control to achieve process automation.

2. No moving parts, no lubrication, simple structure, easy to maintenance.

3. Electromagnetic vibrating feeder moves in micro-projectile motion, small abrasion.

4. Electromagnetic vibrating feeder uses trough made by suitable panel, it is suitable to transfer high temperature severe abrasion and corrosive materials.

Principle Of Electromagnetic Vibrating Feeder

Electromagnetic vibrating feeder applies the resonance principle of the mechanical vibration, and the two masses work in the low critical and near-resonance state. The materials inside the feeding chute are continuously thrown up in the feeding process and jump forward along the track of parabola.

Technical Data of Electromagnetic Vibrating Feeder

Item Feeding Capacity(t/h) Max. Feeding Size(mm) Power(w) Voltage(v) Current(a) Double Amplitude(mm) Gap(mm) Total Weight(kg)
GZ1 5 50 60 220 1≤ 1.75 1.9-2.2 75
GZ2 10 60 150 220 2.3≤ 1.75 1.9-2.2 155
GZ3 25 70 200 220 3.8≤ 1.75 1.9-2.2 225
GZ4 50 100 450 220 7≤ 1.75 1.9-2.2 460
GZ5 100 150 650 220 10.6≤ 1.75 1.9-2.2 656


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